Cançons d’estiu i de tardor

Work for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, guitar and piano (1996)

Hai-kus: Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Premiere: Teatre Malic (Barcelona), 6-10-1996 / Marisa Martins (mezzo) and Ensemble Vol ad Libitum Xavier Esteve, flauta, Albert Gumí, clarinet, Jordi Rossinyol, guitarra, David Padrós, piano


A word composed for the concert “La llet del paradís” (The milk of paradise) first performed by Marisa Martins and Vol ad Libitum in the Teatre Malic. The connecting thread of these four songs in the inspired texts of the Japanese poet Matsuo Basho (1644-1694). The work belongs to a period in which I showed the tendency I have to savour a kind of fairly characteristic timbric preciousness. As in many of the works in my repertoire, I thought of the musicians who would perform it, matching the resources to the specific  versatility of each performer. The result is close to an impossible improvisation, since the sound events appear casual but at the same time could only have been written after slow reflection.

Recorded live in concert at Barcelona Malic Theatre on the 6th of Octuber 1996. Performers: Marisa Martins and Vol ad Libitum (flute, clarinet, guitar, piano).

(J.Rossinyol 2.000, text in the CD avuimúsica 3; translation A.C.C.)



Original texts in Japanese. Translation in Catalan to the score:


I)   Els pètals de la rosa groga

     gemegen i cauen

     en sentir l’aigua que salta.


II)  Somnis efímers,

     pops a les ànfores,

     lluna d’estiu.


III) De l’Est o de l’Oest

     sobre els camps d’arròs

     el so del vent.


IV) Durant la lluna plena

     la marea arriba

     fins la meva porta.


avuimúsica 3



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